Immersive Basketball Experience

FAN XP Initiative
immersing you in the game of basketball like never before
MLSE Digital Labs and SportsX R&D are building an immersive basketball experience using optical tracking data from the NBA and its partners to put you in the game, life-size, any size, on any court or surface, anywhere you can imagine.


SportsX is giving basketball fans the opportunity to re-live some of their favourite basketball moments in a unique mixed reality environment.


Using optical tracking data from the NBA and its partners, the Immersive Basketball Experience (IBX) brings an NBA game into your home, gym, outdoor court, or anywhere you can imagine.


Through any augmented or virtual reality headset, IBX can put any basketball game data past or present, life sized or any sized, to every surface or court in your home and neighborhood. View the game from any angle, sit court-side, see how plays unfold from the perspective of a player; these are just a few examples of what can be done within the IBX – the rest is up to your imagination.

With IBX, we have taken the potential for live sports viewing one step further.

Fans no longer need to be in the arena to see their favourite players; we can bring the game to them.

SportsX is following the successful development of an NHL Extended Reality Stats Overlay project, which used real-time puck and player tracking data from the NHL and overlayed the statistics onto a live NHL game using augmented reality glasses and a smartphone.

When you put on a headset and load the experience, fans can select games and the experience begins. Your environment is enhanced with 3D players, a court if needed, and the game takes over. Watch the entire game or select certain plays and control the playback as it runs. You can highlight players, the ball and ball path for better tracking. You can scale the size and move around and within the experience for better viewing or change to our “dollhouse” view to put the game on a smaller surface.

IBX has the potential to revolutionize how fans, coaches, and even players experience basketball. This is only the beginning as more data, and technological improvements to augmented and virtual reality headsets become available.
Technical detail
SportsX is using optical tracking data and turning it into an immersive experience using augmented and virtual reality headsets. Through Unity, a 3D development tool, player models are built around the numerous data points and positioning of players on the court. The team has developed the solution to work on a number AR and VR headsets that can bring a fluid experience into your living room.
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